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United around the globe to foster international trade and the advancement of women in business.


OWIT-Toronto’s role in advancing women in international trade would not be possible without the critical investments made by our sponsors. These contributions, both financial and in-kind support, have enabled OWIT-Toronto to run a wide range of programs from educational events to networking, trade missions and information sharing for all our members to advance in the global trade landscape.

OWIT-Toronto is extremely grateful to all organizations and companies that have supported the fulfillment of OWIT-Toronto’s mission.

Sponsorship Opportunities available.

Boost your brand visibility within the business and export sectors by supporting one of Toronto’s unique women-focused professional events. OWIT-Toronto invites you to become a sponsor of any of its events. Sponsorship offers your company an opportunity to enhance its marketing efforts towards women in business. It also provides an excellent platform on which to engage directly with top decision-makers and practitioners in international trade.


“Organizations like OWIT that provide trade education and serve as a trusted source of very unbiased information transcend what we might read in tweets. Bringing together business leaders and letting them share trade successes and experiences that go beyond the superficial media headlines is so important. …OWIT can help educate and build the confidence and be that stable and familiar face through all the [trade] spikes. …As a grouping, you have a collective voice, and it’s good to get that voice to policy makers or organizations like EDC that are thinking about what products or services to put on the market. You can actually help guide policy and product-building for your membership through your insights.”

Mairead Lavery, President and CEO, Export Development Canada (EDC)


Strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts are a cornerstone to achieving greater impact in our mission to foster international trade and the advancement of women in business. OWIT – Toronto collaborates and establishes strategic alliances with other organizations and companies that complement our mission and objectives. Several of our partners offer benefits to our members, thereby enhancing the value of our individual members’ dues.

Belgian Canadian Business Chamber (BCBC)

BCBC and OWIT-Toronto share a common interest in providing resources and business education for women entrepreneurs and professionals in the international trade arena. This partnership gives OWIT-Toronto and BCBC members access to each organization’s networking and educational events held throughout the year at member rates. 

The BCBC fosters contacts and relationships for individuals and organizations interested in trade and business opportunities between Belgium and Canada.  For more information, visit the BCBC website.

Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC) 

TBDC and OWIT-Toronto have a common interest in fostering entrepreneurship and empowerment in international trade for women entrepreneurs and professionals within their respective organizations. Through partnership, TBDC offers business advisory services to OWIT-Toronto members from its Start-up Clinic initiative, and networking opportunities with its international clients and trade partners. 

TBDC also offers educational country-specific information sessions on market briefings and intelligence reports about different international markets to OWIT-Toronto members, as well as the opportunity to seek insight from its international clients about their respective home countries and the dynamism of doing business in these international markets. 

TBDC has been acclaimed as one of Canada’s leading business incubators in fostering an entrepreneurial community, providing business support and establishing investor relations. It has helped over 9,000 start-ups (domestic and international) over the years. For more information, visit TBDC website.

The Entrepreneurs Point (EP) 

EP offers a solution to start-ups, entrepreneurs and businesses looking to create ideas for revenues. Specially planned to support women entrepreneur start-ups, the facilities host a child play area, and also offer shared office spaces, meeting rooms and a 100-seater hall for seminars. The EP business incubator program aims to assist women entrepreneurs to grow existing businesses, and enable them to level up and advance to a state where they can pursue opportunities in domestic, regional and global markets. 

Through the strategic alliance with EP, OWIT-Toronto members are entitled to a 10% discount offer for the incubator development program, and an additional 20% discount on event space booking and free access to the EP Academy classes. OWIT-Toronto members are also eligible to a 10% discount offer to use EP’s entrepreneurial working spaces, as well as access to EP’s networking and educational events held throughout the year at member rates. For more information, visit the EP website.

B2BeeMatch is a membership-based business matchmaking platform launched in 2020 where small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can connect in order to outsource, scale, network and find clients. Using a proprietary algorithm, B2BeeMatch carefully matches growing businesses and service firms based on their needs and offerings. OWIT-Toronto and B2BeeMatch share a like-minded goal of building ongoing trade relationships within and between communities, as well as a like-minded mission of supporting women SMEs to thrive through facilitating connections and networks with leading global businesses. As part of the partnership, B2BeeMatch is currently offering free memberships to encourage key company decision-makers—such as members of OWIT-Toronto—to join the growing platform. OWIT-Toronto members can sign up for next-level business matchmaking on the B2BeeMatch website.

The Canada Arab Business Council (CABC)

CABC is Canada’s only not-for-profit association focused exclusively on promoting trade and investment between Canada and the Arab world. CABC's goals are to create greater awareness and promote bilateral trade, cultural, business, investment and economic links, to serve as a business advisory body to governments and assist members of the Corporation in their trade, business and investment activities in Canada and the Arab countries. As the voice of business between Canada and the Arab world, CABC and OWIT-Toronto have shared interests of advancing international trade between Canada and the Arab world, as well as enhancing international business education and networking opportunities for women entrepreneurs, professionals and trade experts. For more information, visit the CABC website.


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